DJ Samples Competition | Upcoming challenges for DJ’s and Music Producers.


DJ Samples Competition | Introduction

Right ndj samples competitionow Lucid Samples is making a step up and is futured as a sponsor for a DJ Samples competition featured on house-mixes website. Be sure to check it out you can win great prizes, including DJ headphones and free sample packs.All you have to do is sign up and post your deep house mix, people will listen to your production, so you also gain recognition. In the future we will inform you about more upcoming stuff including DJ Samples competitions, just because we care and we think our readers would appreciate that. Next is coming out another DJ Samples competition oriented around 80’s music, so tune in as well. If you are searching for some great DJ Samples you can browse here and get free producer samples or simply purchase a bundle of samples you like the most. House-Mixes are making a really cool job organising all this crazy stuff, be sure to give them shout outs. Easy way to gain really important music production tools, and a free promotion for you work.

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