Lucidsamples announces release of affordable Sample Packs

High quality Sample Packs for less than 5GBP?

Actually it IS possible. Lucidsamples has recently launched a new series of DJ sample packs. Every beginning DJ or music producer should consider at least to take a look. This series contains professional quality audio materials in a price of one beer in the club. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

For more information take look at these links:

  1. Electronic House Vol. 1
  2. Electronic House Vol. 2
  3. Electronic House Vol. 3

You can also find them on Amazon:

The Electronic House Vol. 1 DJ Sample Pack

DJ Samples & Sounds | Why should you use these kind of music production tools?

DJ Samples & Sounds | Intro

Many people ask why we should even bother with DJ Samples & Sounds, well as we all know there are many way to expand your ideas for music productions. You can use a variety of instruments to make beautiful soungs and manually create sounds. DJ Samples & Sounds that are available for instance in sample packs are great way to add depth into you productions with little cost and maximum efficiency. Though the samples might not sound as good as the real deal but, when you invest your budget into high quality sample packs, you won’t be disappointed. Many producers and DJ’s use them and achive a great success in their mixes and tracks. It is an easy way and advantage in the process of making creative tracks and cooperating with other DJ’s, DJ Samples Sounds are very intuitive to use and none should have problems with usage of such tools, mostly they are compatible with most popular digital audio workstations like Kontakt or Ableton for instance. If you want to start your journey with sample packs and be sure to look up for good manufacturers who provide high quality DJ samples, royalty-free and able to be used for commercial purposes. Good example is this website, great sample packs, and music production tools, for everyone. Cheers and wait for our next update!

Where Can You Get Quality DJ Samples ?

dj samplesThis short test is written in order to emphesize on importance, of how to choose a place to get your DJ samples. This important aspect of music production requires a lot of attention. So firest of all be sure to check up if the samples have any kind of copyright protection, many of the manufacturers sell DJ samples that cannot be used in a commercial matter. It means you can only play with the DJ samples you get, but you cannot gain income from the produced track. You should concider checking out menufacturers with DJ samples Royalty-Free in their offer. It allows you to have full control over the products you buy from them including the possibility of gaining tools capable of creating a club hit.

Second aspect of the DJ samples community is the price and the size of the sample packs. Usually the price must be reasonable right? But the size of the DJ samples pack does matter as well, you should look up for websites offering a good bargain as well as a full experience of music production tools.

When you are looking for a place to get your sample library filled with DJ Samples you should look for reliable manufacturers, that have many years of experience in the industry, we’ve investigated many cases of low quality samples being sold while being very cheap, the quality comes with a price, many of you will learn this by making mistakes, either way be sure to try out the most popular ones and the underground manufactueres, both may have something that may interest you.

If you are interested in High Quality DJ Samples you should definitely check out this website it offers quality stuff in a complex sample packs. Cheers!